At our Calgary facility we pride ourselves in using only Canadian grains and rely heavily on local Alberta farmers for our barley demands. Malting is one of the only food processes that requires the grain to be alive prior to beginning, therefore we place a huge amount of trust in our growers.

The malting process consists of three critical steps – steeping, germination, and kilning.

Steeping is where we immerse the barley kernel in baths of water and increase the moisture level within the seed to a point that signals growth.

Germination is the next step, which involves laying the seed now saturated with moisture in a germination bed and allowing it to begin growing. This portion of the process involves a large amount of biological change within the seed that is necessary for the brewers. Lastly, we move the seed that now has rootlets visibly growing from it to a kiln vessel.

The final step in processing is the kilning step, whereby it is gently kilned to halt the germination process, preserve enzymes, decrease moisture and develop characteristic colour, flavour and aroma. The entire process can take up to 9 days depending on customer specifications and type of grain being malted